-Having strong capacities and experience in designing as well as constructing civil and industrial projects of large scale throughout the country more than 20 years, we are proud of to be one of the most reputable and reliable business. Our ability is highly appreciated by investors for the quality of construction, aesthetics, occupational safety and health and timely response to the progress through all of our previous projects.

- There are always alternatives arising from project that requires the contractor faces: project delay, force majeure factors during construction, design changes, unintended events ... NEW CC is committed to using proactive and advanced methods, along with the most powerful workforce throughout the project to minimize all the above obstacles. We are also commit to meet the needs of customers throughout the process from the idea, implementing the project until completion with the main services. We understand that being strong enough in finance, design experience, project management experience and construction techniques is the prerequisite for providing full stage of construction service. From the many years of experience accumulated in the project design process, when transitioning to the general contractor service, we combine all the most important factors cooperate with experts from Japanese, Singapore,… and a large force of experienced architects, engineers and workers to achieve the preeminent project. Moreover, we are always committed to providing the peace of mind for customers with the best after-sales service, warranty and maintenance.