Company overview

New CC is one of the most well known companies in Vietnam specialized in Engineering Consultant and Construction/ Project Management for Industrial and Commercial Construction Projects. Since establishment in 1996, New CC has been widely recognized by clients and partners for its professionalism, quality control and qualified manpower that has been trained through various important projects across Vietnam.

New CC believes that, a good company should not be always viewed from the number of clients or scale. A good company is where all relevant partners can get expected benefits. Staff is provided training and opportunities to build up career. Clients and investors receive qualified works and optimize cost. Partners enjoy to work and cooperate with professional and prestigious partners.

At the moment, New CC has been working on many projects nationwide with higher value of investment. Especially, New CC has received a number of FDI projects which require high level of constructors experience, capacity and service quality.

In the coming time, New CC will focus on develop its reputation, invest in strengthening capacity and human resource to reach the top among construction companies in Vietnam and to expand business to Asian countries. To re, New CC has established strategic partnership with leading constructors from Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.